Hammer Drill vs Impact Driver

Hammer Drill  vs  Impact Driver


Hammer Drill and Impact Driver are both useful hardware tools. However their functions differ greatly. Hammer Drill is used in drilling holes into hard surfaces like cement and concrete. It uses a hammer-like action to create holes, generally a direct forward force. There are two mechanisms that hammer drills utilize: one is cam-action and the other is electro-pneumatic.  In cam-action, there is forward and backward movement along the axis of rotation of the whole bit and chuck. On the other hand, the electro-pneumatic air pressure is used to transfer energy while the piston and hammer are not in contact. However, this mechanism is mostly utilized by Rotary hammers. A hammer drill typically weighs 4-8 pounds and is commonly used in masonry.

Alternatively, Impact Driver is mainly used in installing and removing bolts and screws. It utilizes torque, which is a perpendicular pressure similarly used in screwing and unscrewing fasteners. But unlike screwdrivers, impact drivers only exert perpendicular pressure to drive the screw forward with no longitudinal force needed. Impact drivers are available in two kinds: manual impact drivers and motorized impact drivers. Impact drivers are lighter and are typically used in woodwork making them more useful in handling nails and bolts.



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