Goat Vs Ram

goat  vs  ram

You’ve heard that goats will eat anything and everything, including clothes drying on the washing, tin cans and car tires.  Do you believe a word of it?  It’s nonsense.

In his 1875 classic “The book of the Goat,” Henry Holmes Pegler called domestic milking goat, “the poor man’s cow.” The goat is an economic four legged unit that changes weeds, shrubs, grass and waste vegetable into dairy products and manure for the garden.

You haven’t tasted goat milk.  You don’t know what you’re missing.  Goat milk is sweet, rich in taste than cow milk.  Goat milk has a pure, flat white color which produces paler cheese and butter than cow milk.  Goats form an integral part of rural subsistence systems as diverse as nomadic tribesmen of the Middle East.

If you’ve never kept sheep, you would not know the numerous things that sheep need to keep them healthy.  Though generally resilient, sheep are more prone to many parasites and diseases.  Sheep need dipping and drenching at regular intervals. Ram feeds on grass to fatten and convert it into lamb, wool for spinning, hides, rugs, fat for soap. Breeding sheep is a long time project but it is worth the effort.

  Goat Ram
Max lifespan 18 years 12 years
Adult meat Chevon Mutton
Tail Goes up (unless scared) Hangs down
Easier fenced No Yes


Attitude Independent , curios Aloof, distant
Coat Hairy Woolly
Horn Erect and not so curved Longer ,curved
Fighting style Erects hind legs first and strikes down with its head Back up first then charge to  locked heads


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