Denote Goods intended for human consumptions Laboratory practices
Cost More costly Cumbersome and less costly
Scope Personnel, packaging processes and production, plant and machinery Lab testing, keeping data and records, quality control during lab testing

What makes one “better,” in electronic than the other person?  Is it education?  Not necessarily.  You have heard of high school dropout technician’s who can figure out what is wrong with a complex circuit diagram before Bachelor of Science Electronic Engineering holder does.  Is it working experience?  No.  You know kids fresh from school who can diagnose fault in electronic equipment faster than the old hand timers.  What enables one to think and do jobs better than the other?  It boils down to testing gear. How else would you detect fault in equipment?  You cannot tell which component is faulty by looking with your naked eyes.

Tests instruments are used to determine results with various degrees of accuracy.  There are different testing instruments for different purposes in a variety of fields of study.  GLP and GMP laboratory testing, target product production outcomes. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and GLP serve two distinct purposes.

GLP aims at safeguarding scientific data integrity such as EPA, FDA based on proper research studies.

GMP ascertains accuracy of manufacturing standard of the finished product.

Products produced for sale are subject to regulatory standard checks and balances.  Manufacturers of products are expected to adhere to these standards enforced by GMP and GLP.

GLP and GMP are regulatory standards imposed on health care products to safeguard consumers.


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