Difference Between Gaviscon vs Gaviscon Advance

gaviscon   vs   gaviscon advance

Antacids are medications to relieve the acidity in our stomach caused by certain factors such as not eating on time, or drinking too much acidic fluid. Gaviscon is a type of antacid that promises to work fast to avoid heartburn (a condition with a reflux of acid) and neutralizes acids in the stomach.

Two variations of this product are the Gaviscon Regular (or plain Gaviscon), and Gavoscon Advanced. Both of them function in the same way. The difference lies in their content and availability.

Gaviscon is a mixture of one part sodium alginate, one part calcium carbonate, and one part sodium bicarbonate. Another recipe is aluminium hydroxide and magnesium carbonate. It really depends on the manufacturer. While Gaviscon Advance has two parts sodium alginate and one part potassium bicarbonate. It is called Advance as the barrier or protection it creates is stronger and more elastic.

Another noted difference is the packaging. Gaviscon is available in different forms, which are tablet, liquid, and easy to drink liquid sachets. While Gaviscon Advance is available in tablet and liquid (bottle) forms. They have different flavors to aid in ingestion of the product, most especially for liquids. The most common flavor of the two is peppermint.

Following are key Difference Between Gaviscon vs Gaviscon Advance

Gaviscon Gaviscon Advance
Prescription / common use Is an antacid that used in treating acidity and heartburn Is an antacid that used in treating acidity and heartburn
Contents Sodium alienate, calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. Potassium bicarbonate and double the amount of sodium alienate
Packaging Tablets, liquid and liquid sachets Tablets and liquid
Availability Pharmacy only Pharmacy only


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