famous vs infamous

Many people are being deceived by the word “infamous”; they mistakenly thought it as an opposite or an antonym of the term “famous” where in fact, it is not. The aim of this article is to clarify the descriptions of these two vocabularies and their appropriate usage.

Both the terms famous and infamous pertain to a person being popular out of his accomplishments, deeds, actions or behaviors. The main difference lies in the nature of their acts, whether it fosters a positive or negative impression to the eyes of public.

When we heard the word famous, as it pertains to an individual, it means a person who becomes successful out of his wits, goals, good reputations and credentials in an optimistic manner. Many people will salute these famous people and tend to emulate their good deeds. For instance, the benevolent acts contributed by Mother Theresa to the needy.

On the contrary, the word infamous implies that a person becomes popular due to his misbehavior, recklessness or tyranny. This kind of person is being bashed and disliked by many. This is the way for this individual from becoming popular with the others. His or her name made a history to the rest and the next generation in a pessimistic impression. A good example of this is the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler that caused thousands of killings.


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