Difference Between Ethnicity vs Race

Ethnicity  vs  Race

From their original classification to the conflicts arising from these terms, ethnicity and race, just like the others have evolved and continuously evolving to now – vast terms. Here are the major differences of the terminologies:

Definition and Genealogy:

Ethnicity is based on the shared nationality that dictates their culture and traditions. They are considered as part of that Ethnicity when they descended and accepted that lineage. Race focuses on the group of a certain population that has equal physical characteristics as a result of their genetic ancestry. Race is due to the isolation of the geographical location.

Significance and Factors:

Ethnicity focuses on cultural traits such as same language, religion, etc. They typically receive stereotyping from other dominant Ethnic groups. Race is concerned with the biological or genetic predisposition of a person. The factors are skin color, skeletal structure (such as facial bones, or height), and many more.

Legal System and Nationalism:

Due to stereotyping or discrimination related to Ethnicity, governments in different nations have passed laws that prohibit the rejection of Ethnic groups, most especially the minor ones. It was strengthened by incorporating Ethnicity in the Ideology of Nationalism. Race is protected by laws of government in all nations to maintain equality. It also states their sovereignty in their area, or place of birth.

Following are key Difference Between Ethnicity vs Race

                        Ethnicity Race
Annotation State of belonging to a social group that has a common cultural or national tradition Group of people classified or united together on the basis of common nationality, history or geographic distribution
Elaboration Ethnicity is about the learned cultural behaviors celebrated throughout regions around the world Indication of inheritance with which you were born regardless of learned behavior and location
Alteration Can be altered through choice and beliefs Cannot be altered


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