Ester Vs Ether

ester  vs  ether

Ester and Ether share common oxygen to double carbon atom bonding. This combination results in compound substances made from many different smallest pieces of substance known as the atom. In chemistry, the combination of one atom oxygen and two carbon dioxide atoms yields substance known as carboxylic acid.

  Ester Ether
Composition 2 oxygen plus 1 carbon 2 carbons plus 1 oxygen
Hydrolization Easy Difficult to NIL
Stability Less stable Table

Ester is the result of reaction between carboxylic acid and alcohol.  The name derived from alcohol component precedes the name of acid in the final product’s name as in Ethyl Acetate.  Esters have lower boiling points in comparison to acids or alcohols and as a result have no strong hydrogen bonds. It is frustrating to lose your sense of smell. How do you differentiate offensive from pleasant smell produced by Esters similar to the smell of fruits and flowers?

Ether is the combination of two groups of substances alkyl and aryl present in the oxygen atom.  Ether can be produced in lower temperature situation by putting together two substances which react with each other to get the desired outcome.  Although Ether’s boiling point is close to hydrocarbons, the boiling point is less than the value of alcohols.  This quality endears ethers to form hydrogen bonds with compound substance such as water because Ether is not capable of making hydrogen bonds.


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