Espresso vs Expresso

espresso  vs  expresso

When a racing car goes out on the track, a great number of estimates have to be made. How long the fuel will last?  If you pull the car in for refueling too quickly, you will lose valuable time.  Leave it too late, you run the risk of running out of petrol. Make sound judgment. Similarly, next time you’re out for coffee, use the correct name in the right restaurant to get Espresso in an Italian and French restaurants and Expresso downtown London.

  Espresso Expresso
Denote Is the type of coffee passing high pressure hot water over ground coffee Incorrect spelling of the word espresso
Word Italian word Express English word, perhaps the reason for misspelled word

What is the best, pressure-brewed coffee drink, Espresso or Expresso?  You would love hot steaming strong coffee in the morning.  If you’re nursing a hangover, strong hot drink will get you back on course for the day’s challenges.  There is no standard best drink.  Espresso, Expresso is the same drink.

What is in a name? Names are mainly used for identification purposes.  The term Expresso began as English language misspelling of Espresso.  Expresso, the original word for strong brewed coffee is Italian.  Over the years these two terms have been used interchangeably.  The French word for pressure brewed coffee is similar in pronunciation with the misspelling of the Italian word, added weight and meaning.


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