Endoscopy Vs Gastrocopy

endoscopy  vs  gastroscopy

Pregnant women are privileged to know the development of the fetus in the early stages of conception.  Patients with heart, lung, kidney and liver complications can now benefit from early diagnosis.  Thanks to High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound (HIFU), Imaging Techniques available in the market.

  Endoscopy Gastroscopy
Denote Structures of human body from joint spaces to the lower intestine Involves in upper GI tract
Procedure Require general anaesthesia Done with sedation and local anaesthesia
Complications Extend to wider scope Very limited

This latest emerging technology offers advance preventive and palliative care. Ultrasound diagnostics and treatment may cost more, but the cost pales in comparison to long term health benefits.  Doctors are now able to diagnose, detect and deal with numerous ill health issues thus reducing risks and cutting down cost on expensive prolonged treatment.

Endoscopy and Gastroscopy are two different techniques used in observation and intervention in reducing the risks of disease through biopsy and surgery.  These techniques assist in processing diagnostic procedures by observing specific area of the body in question.  The two techniques also help in follow up procedures to determine reoccurrence of illness after treatment

Endoscopy is the technique used to observe inner compartments of the human body. The complications which lead to such observation include but not limited to accidental ruptures of soft tissue body parts, nerve damage, hemorrhage and infection

Gastrocopy specifically focuses on examining the esophagus, stomach and duodenum parts of the body. The procedure is investigative in nature to determine the case of ill health and arrive at possible action plan for treatment.


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