Ducks and Goose

ducks and goose'

You can describe ducks as two legged ground bird that converts weeds, snails, insects and mash into eggs and manure for your compost. The goose is almost a non-maintenance bird, a bit of grain and breed is sufficient to keep the bird going.  These two birds share a lot in common and also have differences.

  Ducks Goose
Sound Quack Honking noise or call
Size Smaller than goose Large than ducks
Web Less web compared to goose More web
Nostrils Very high up in their bills Very low down in their bills
Food Eat insects, amphibians and fish Shrubs and grasses

If you want keep ducks, make sure you have plenty of water around at all times. Ducks wash their eyes and enjoy throwing water over their shoulders. In the process ducks take scoops of earth and puddle it in the water.

Ducks are messy, if you allow them to forage inside the house.  The minute a duck gets onto the clean floor it’s pooh time all over your nice carpet. Ducks eat more than geese but they also lay and raise more ducklings. Ducks are rarely sick and are good pest controllers.  They are smaller and stout compared to geese but grow rapidly in 10-16 weeks.

Geese enjoy the occasional splash of water.  The goose will hatch and rear goslings well in the company of the jealous and protective gander.  Let the geese on free range and have access to grass and they will transform grass and weeds into good use as well as being good friends.


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