Difference Between DL vs CR batteries

dl   vs   cr batteries

The ordinary batteries versus the branded ones, this is the case between DL and CR batteries. They are two different batteries, especially when it comes to the manufacturers.

When it comes to their sizes CR and DL are actually the same. They have different sizes such as AA and AAA, and many more; some are even rechargeable. Another similarity is they can be interchangeable in every gadget or electronic devices that need a battery. However, CR is the ordinary or generic type, while DL is the trademark used by the company Duracell to make their product stand out.

Aside from the manufacturer difference, Duracell wants their products to be known as having a higher capacity that can last longer than the ordinary battery. As part of their marketing campaign, they show that one Duracell battery can beat other CR batteries up to years. And of course, the price is different as DL is priced higher than CR.

The confusion, perhaps, lies on the number indicated in the name of the battery, such as CR2032 and DL2032. However, as long as the numbers are the same they can be used to replace each other. So, it just depends on the preference of the consumer.

Following are key Difference Between DL vs CR batteries

DL Battery CR Battery
Denote DL is just a CR battery made by Duracell Same as DL battery
Usage DL battery can be used in CR battery CR battery can be used in DL battery


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