director  vs  managing director


  Director Managing director
Description Is an officer who is a member of the board of directors Is the highest ranking officer in charge of management and administration
Elaboration Is paid a fee for his expertise, and he is not an employee of the company unless he is an executive director Is a link between the employees and the board of directors, and he performs many functions in his capacity of the captain of the ship


The person who oversees the work of its subordinates in a particular department is called a Director. There are many areas of responsibilities that the director’s hand is in a need. Finance, personnel, executive and administrative are some of the managing divisions for a director. When speaking of a director versus a managing director, what makes the former distinct to the latter? To enable us to understand it very well, this article will provide the short explanations.

Directors that supervises the day-to-day operations of the business, recruitment policies and financial aspect of the firm, may fall under the category of executive directors. In terms of consultancy, advice and recommendation, the expertise of a non-executive director is significant. Both the executive and non-executive type of directors’, aim for monitoring the performance of the company as well as keep track of the employees’ work.

Managing director, also known as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is responsible for handling the company and making better decisions for the benefit of the firm. Usually in an organization structure and hierarchy, this position holds the highest ranking and entails a wide responsibility. It takes in-charge of the overall activities and performance of the business.


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