Difference Between Wallet Vs Purse

purse vs wallet

You think ladies are crazy about purses. A lady draped in silk dress, dark sunglasses on top of her human hair weave, a pair of round large aluminum earrings, and hoist on stiletto heels is good to go out. Not without the purse. The purse forms part of a woman’s world outside the house. Women always dive into their handbags, rummage through lots of items to fetch out one item. The temptation to know what is in a lady’s handbag beside the purse is great. Never look into a lady’s handbag.

What about men? A man will not leave the house without a wallet.   The wallet is a man’s ticket for spending money. Liquid cash is what the wallet is meant to carry. Although technology has revolutionized money transfer and transactions, the position of the wallet stays the same. Whether you carry credit card to swipe at the supermarket, petrol station for gas, at the drug store counter, these items have slots inside the wallet for safe keeping. The wallet and the purse serve the same purpose for men and women. These items come in different sizes, shapes and shades of color. Most are leather products made in slick styles.


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