Difference Between Thymus vs Thyroid

thymus and thyroid

Human body is one of the most wonderful creation here on our planet. It works in many coordinative ways. Each has its own function that will eventually command and help other parts to do their jobs. The upper part of our body or the superior part includes Thymus and Thyroid which has the big responsibility in our lives.

Thymus gland is located in between the chest inside our breastbones. It has the very important role of developing T-cells which is a type of white blood cell which is the one responsible for our immune systems, and is not active in our full lifetime. Its function is to receive immature cells from red bone marrow and make them functional and then work on its way of protecting our defense body against bacteria.

Thyroid gland is located in the low front of our a neck just below the Adam’s Apple and is a butterfly-shaped organ responsible for our metabolic rate. Also one of the most largest endocrine glands in our body. It provides hormones that will regulate other glands. This hormone is called Thyroxin.

Both of these organs play a vital role that influences our brain, heart, liver and kidneys even the skin. It is better to take a full awareness of these body parts in order to know how to take good care of it.


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