Difference Between Teal vs Aqua

teal vs aqua

Color is beautiful. Color is an eye candy. Color is how you express and give life to a certain thing or emotion. It is a way of unleashing the artist in you. But for someone who is not a real artist himself, colors is just blue, red, yellow and so on.

Let us look on a deeper side of colors. Just like Teal and Aqua. Many of us are having some hard time telling which Teal is and which Aqua is. Since they are both from the shade of blue and green or how we call cyan.

Teal is a medium blue-green color, a little bit deeper than what aqua is. A slight grey-metallic look and much more closer to dark cyan.

Aqua which is more likely to be soft, a little bit lighter, a pastel shade. Although this color is classified as a variation of cyan as well, it is much more leaning on green. From the word itself Aqua that derives from the word water which obviously posses clearness.

Although it is really hard to differentiate these two colors we just need to look closer and analyze better then we’ll see that there is really something separating them in between.


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