Difference Between Sapphire vs Ruby


Gemstone is a material, either from minerals or organic materials, commonly used in making jewelries. It undergoes several processes such as cutting and polishing to improve its aesthetic value. Thus, the lesser the processes it went through, the higher its market value. Most gemstones used in making jewelries are hard; however, soft gemstones are also used. There are two classifications of gemstones, the precious ones and the semi-precious ones.

Sapphire and Ruby both belong to the precious group. These two are commonly group together because they have too many common characteristics. Sometimes, Ruby is even classified as a Sapphire, but scientists proved that they are different in terms of composition. However, their physical properties are almost identical. They both are second to diamond, in terms of hardness. Using Moh’s hardness scale, ruby and sapphire both has a rate of 9.0, while diamond has 10. Also, in terms of specific gravity and refractive index, they both have 3.99-4.0 and 1.757-1.779, respectively. The only difference Ruby and Sapphire have are its color, level of rarity and meanings given by people to each.

Ruby is one of the most talked-about gemstone, known as the red gemstone. Having a Mohs value of 9, in general, Ruby is durable especially in making jewelries. Likewise, Ruby, especially the transparent one is rarer than diamond. Its color ranges from pink to blood-red. The market value of a ruby is based on its color, the redder a ruby is, the more expensive. It is often identified with good luck and protection.

Sapphire, on the other hand, is also one of the famous gemstones. Like the ruby, it is also used in making jewelries because of its hardness and durability. It is known to be a blue-colored gemstone; yet, Sapphire can also be colored yellow, green, brown, etc. The variation of colors is caused by different naturally occurring elements such as iron, titanium, copper etc., being incorporated with corundum in the natural environment. Unlike Ruby, Sapphire gemtone is common and easy to find. Also, it is associated with faith and sincerity.


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