Difference Between RJ12 vs RJ45

rj12 vs rj45

There are more than one Registered Jacks in use and two of them, RJ12 and RJ45, does not carry the popularity alone. Each Jacks are specified to carry different specification, depending on how many slots can fit.

The most distinction of these jacks is the presence of gold pins, depending on the jack’s diameter, on how it can carry different numbers of gold pins. These pins are necessary to improve the signal strength, quality, and voltage control. The more the pins, the better the function; the higher the jack’s number, the bigger the diameter and capabilities.

Having 6 pieces of connector, positions and conductors, RJ11, uses all the accessible positions. Commonly used as a telephone line, there are questions about its ability in the mobile world. CAT3, as well as CAT5, depending on the type is usually the cables used.

Having larger diameter, RJ45 houses 8P8C (8 positions with 8 connectors), mainly used for network wiring. It offers flexibility in performance, and its types are available for different data connections. CAT5e and CAT6 are the cables used for this particular jack.

Their uses tell the difference, this shows that RJ45 is specifically made for the age of computers. Although, RJ12 still has the ability to do the same, but more preferred in telephone wiring.

Following are key Difference Between RJ12 vs RJ45

  RJ 12 RJ 45
Usage Use in telephone line Use in networking wiring
Position and Connector Six positions and six connectors Eight positions and eight connectors
Wiring Uses cat 3 or cat 5 wiring Uses cat 5e and cat 6 wiring


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