Difference Between RJ11 vs RJ12

rj11 vs rj12

An abbreviation for Registered Jack, and has been produced for telephone lines, RJ11 and RJ12 are just among the different RJs available in the market. The difficulty in recognizing the difference between these jacks is due to the similarity in their appearance. And both uses the six slot connector.

The main difference between RJ11 and RJ12 is the number of wirings inside the sheath and the position of the wires. RJ11 uses 6 pieces of wires with 6 terminating connectors, but occupies all the slots available, this is known as 6P6C. RJ12 has the same 6 wires, but only 4 terminating connectors, or 6P4C. Two of the slots are not in used. Due to this situation, there are cables using RJ11 that are not suited for RJ12.

Still confused? No worries, the common jack used in household telephones is the RJ11. It is also the choice of most telephone companies. So the consumers don’t usually pick the jack to use. In fact RJ11 through the years, was able to stand to be a connector on its own. RJ12, the uncommon for the masses, is common to large telephone companies – those who understand the usage of the added two slots, such as Keyed telephone systems.

Following are key Difference Between RJ11 vs RJ12

RJ11 RJ12
Connector Wiring uses six slot connector Wiring uses six slot connector
Utilize Use four of the six available slots Use all six slots
Usage Use for telephone systems Use foe telephone systems and in different configurations
Common use Commonly used in homes Not common to use but use in some large company


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