Difference Between Pumps and Platform

pumps  vs  platform

The world of footwear is an interesting one. Though men wear shoes as much as women do, there are more styles and designs of footwear for women than men. Women are also more excited about stylish footwear and have many pairs in their wardrobe to match with their different styles of clothing. Pumps and platforms are two kinds of shoes for women that look similar to many people because of their heels and designs. However, despite similar appearances, there are differences between pumps and platforms that will be highlighted in this article.

  Pumps Platform
What it is High heeled women shoes and have low cut front High heeled women shoes  with high fronts as well
Fasteners no yes
Base Lower at the front Thick all around
Front Toes are grounded 1” higher from where the toes are


High heeled women’s shoes that have low cut front and can be worn by slipping ones feet inside are called pumps shoes. Also called Court Shoes, pumps do not have a fastening device. While flat or low heeled women’s shoes in UK were called as pump shoes, in the US, these were the shoes with a high heel. They have a low front that is cut and have backs that are closed. There are no buckles or straps in pumps and a girl can wear them by simply placing her feet inside them. However, there are classic pumps with buckles and straps and there are also pumps with very small or no heels making it difficult to define pumps. Pumps are taller on the side of the heels and shorter on the toes. They look very formal, and this is the reason girls and ladies wear these shoes in offices. They are also very comfortable as they can be easily taken off.


Platforms are a type of high heeled shoes for women that not just have high heels but also high fronts making the toes placed more comfortably inside them. Platforms have been in vogue since ancient times, and they were created to add the impression of height for women with smaller heights. In ancient Greece, important characters were given an allusion of height as they were made to wear these shoes in plays. Platforms today are characterized by their thick soles both at the back as well as their front where the toes are placed. The angle of the foot when a lady wears a platform is much less acute than when she wears a pump.

What is the difference between Pumps and Platform?

• Platforms have a thicker base all over than pumps.

• Pumps have a high heel and are strapless and also do not have buckles.

• Platforms provide more comfort as the angle of the foot is not that acute as in pumps.

• The toes are grounded in a pump while they are raised above the ground level by at least an inch in platforms.


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