Difference Between Linguine vs Spaghetti

linguine vs spaghetti

Many of us are really fond of eating pasta. It’s a well-known dish during different kinds of occasions or even just a simple dinner or gatherings. Two of the most popular form of pastas are Linguine and Spaghetti.

Linguine or “little tongues” in Italian is a form of pasta where the noodles used is flat and looks a little bit paler. It originated in Genoa and the Liguria region of Italy. This dish is mostly accompanied by thin sauce and of course seafood or sometimes pesto and way much easier to cook since it doesn’t really require a lot of ingredients (well, it depends on the recipe sometimes).

Spaghetti on the other hand, is a plural form of the Italian word spaghetto. A notably longer and rounder form of pasta is usually used. The sauce is more likely to be red and thick (again it depends upon the recipe), accompanied by meatballs, cheese, and tomatoes. No wonder why it is one of the most famous dish for kids.

So, the bottom line here? Linguine and Spaghetti are both noodles-to-love of any age. Simple dish that as the years and years passed by they’ve gone into different tastes and varieties.


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