Difference Between Colorimeter vs Spectrophotometer

colorimeter vs spectrophotometer

In chemistry nowadays or maybe even before, many tools are being used for the sake of accuracy in testing and developing. For example, Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer. It is a good thing that our generation has finally come into a phase where choosing between different methods and apparatuses to use are easy.

Colorimeter is a device that is used to determine the concentration of colored compound in a solution. It is much simpler than the methods used between the two. Colorometric data can directly read and provided as tristimulus values with this device. It is more like to deal and match to what human eye will see.

Spectrophotometer is used for the measurement of transmittance or reflectance of solutions, transparent or opaque solids, such as polished glass, or gases. It can indirectly calculate colorimetric information. This one analyzes the reflecting transmitting properties of objects without human interpretation. The most common application of spectrophotometers is the absorption.

In short, colorimeter is the optimal choice for quality inspection where as spectrophotometer is the optical choice for research and development. These devices are both providing data obtained over the same range of visible wavelengths. They can be used to measure any test substance that is itself colored or can be reacted to produce a color.


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