Difference Between Christianity vs Catholicism

Catholicism vs Christianity

I’ve heard it before, and maybe you have too. Catholics, Christians, they’re all the same right?

Well, the answer is, YES and NO

First of all, here is the reason why it is a YES!

Christians refer to all people who put Jesus Christ as the center of their faith as God the Son of a Triune God. Thus, Christians and Catholics share the same faith and beliefs in the teachings of Jesus. They do believe that there is only one God as a Trinity of God the Father, the Son, believed to be Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

They also see Jesus as indeed the Son of God coming down to Earth to be human, and as the Saviour, the one who died on the cross for the eternal salvation of all mankind from sin.

Now, here is where it is a NO!

As much as the believers of both are tied together by their belief of the Triune God, and Jesus as the Messiah, Christian Evangelists and Catholics differ in their approach and interpretation of the teachings of the Bible. For instance, some Christians believe that it is only through following and living the words of the Bible can one be saved and be given a life of happiness. Whereas in Catholicism, aside from the Bible, one is expected to have undergone the sacraments and have lived a good life defined by integrity, and love for one’s neighbors.

Finally, for as long as believing in Jesus Christ as a God is concerned, then all Catholics are under the bigger umbrella known as Christians. However not all Christians are Catholics due to the many different churches and evangelical groups who share but may interpret doctrines quite differently.


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