Difference Between Bats Vs Birds

bats vs birds

Scientists speculate that bats are descendants of feathered dinosaurs that lived approximately 150 million years ago. There is no conclusive evidence or proof to support his proposition.

“In broad generalities, bats are characterized by a darting, sharply turning and maneuvering flight….they wheel about catching insects, or flit from flower to flower,” Geoffrey Spedding, University of Southern California professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering observed in his research.

Bats and Birds share striking similarities in structure and mode flight. Scientific research indicate,

“The wing structure of bats and birds differs. Birds have feathers projecting back from lightweight….. Bats have flexible, relatively short wings with membranes stretched between elongated fingers.”

Bats and Birds are the only two vertebrates which fly. Bats fly at night as opposed to birds’ daytime flight travels. The mystery shrouding bats has been the speculation of countless myths and legends for centuries. No one knows what bats do at night. One thing for sure, bats must eat to live. Nature provides bats with nutritional insects to feed on in the dark. If you want to know what bats feed on, take time and watch their movement over a period of time. You might discover something about bats scientists do not know about.


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