Difference Between Bath Sheets Vs Bath Towels

bath sheet vs bath towel

What would 10 or 20 dollar discount mean on purchase of an item? If you purchase a set of bathroom decorations, standard size bath towels are thrown in as part of the set without extra charge.

A fine way to start the day when you crawl out of bed is to jump into the shower. The chill of cold water revives you instantly. The moment you’re out, reach for bath towel to dry up the body and change into warm clean clothes to face challenges of the day ahead.

Bath towels range in size from 27 x 52 to 30 x 58 inches. These standard size bath towels are ideal for hanging on the rack. The size fits over bathroom rack in bi or tri-fold. The standard bath towels suit children and adults who prefer to blot dry body after shower or bath.

Bath sheets are comfortable underfoot. These sheets reduce risk of slipping on wet floor when you step out of the shower, bath tab and reach out for clean warm bath towels hang on the rail inside the bathroom.

You leave no foot prints on the floor if you’ve to rush out of the shower to answer the phone before you blot dry up the body.


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