Difference Between Aphasia vs Dysphasia

aphasia and dysphasia

Our brain serves as the center of the nervous system. Its function is to send command or to control over the behavior of our entire body. What if it suddenly stopped working? Or in just a snap something happened to it? Brain damage can cause lots of diseases that most of us wouldn’t even imagine and wouldn’t even bear having these.

Aphasia is a severe communication disorder which is caused by certain damage to the brain. The left side of the brain which is usually where the language is restored must be affected if this happened. It can be determined by one of the most obvious sign. Having difficulties to read and write, finding it hard to seek language or produce and difficulties in understanding a language.

Dysphasia is under Aphasia as well but has a wider variety of forms. It can affect a person’s ability to talk, understand, name objects, repeat series of words or phrases and speech. Dysphasia may vary under Expressive Dysphasia, Receptive Dysphasia, or Global Dysphasia.

There is no medical or surgical process to cure Aphasia and Dysphasia. People with these disorders are treated with series of various therapies and eventually help them cope and recover from the trauma.


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