Difference Between Aphasia and Dysphasia

aphasia and dysphasia

Speech is the main mode of human communication. When you suffer from Aphasia, the result is inability in speech making and writing. You’ve difficulty understanding words and sentence you hear and read.

Psychiatrists are interested in unrelated specialties and have much to contribute to diagnosis and treatment of speech disorders. Aphasia condition result from

  • Stroke
  • Severe head Injury
  • Brain Tumor

Symptoms of this condition are manifested in individuals having difficulty getting words mixed up in speech and writing and incorrectly identifying objects.

Is Aphasia treatable? Specialists in this field test individual sufferers for language capability. The aim is to determine the level of disorder to gauge individual sufferer’s level of competence in speech and writing to restore some ability and improve communication. Computer technology based applications are also available for uses to aid individual make progress.

There has been remarkable progress made in the treatment of this condition but recovery for people with progressive neurological disorder is poor.

Your reassurance and support may well be the most important factor in the management of individual speech impediments. This condition affects human brain leading challenges in using language correctly. What causes this condition?

Aphasia poses complication forcing individual to o

  • Isolation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression


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