Difference Between Antibiotic Vs Antiseptic

antibiotic vs antiseptic

What are antibiotics and antiseptics? When do you use them? How safe are they? If you have a brand-name of antibiotic or antiseptic but do not know to which group it belongs, read the instructions on the bottle or box. Antibiotic and antiseptic fight infections and diseases caused by bacteria.

Antibiotics prevent multiplication of bacteria as well as kill them. Antibiotics are administered orally, in some cases through intravenous to combat severe infections. Never use antibiotic unless you’re sure what group it belongs? What disease it fights, and the necessary precaution you need to take to use it safely.

Antiseptic ward off bacteria but does not necessarily kill them. Antiseptic are mostly used in cleaning wound surfaces, skin in readiness for operation. Antiseptics are mainly used for oral hygiene and disinfection to prevent bacterial infection. However, before starting to use any of these two, be well informed of the rewards and risks involved. So what is the difference?

  • Antibiotics kill bacteria. Antiseptic guard against a wide range of germs.
  • Antibiotics act to stop growth of bacteria while antiseptic prevent their growth and development in the human body.
  • Antibiotic is used internally and externally, antiseptic mostly used externally


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