Difference Between Amplifiers Vs Repeaters

amplifier vs repeater

Amplifiers and repeaters have made great contribution to modern communication equipment.  There was a time when ports fans – wished to tune in on television station outside the immediate area to watch their team playing live.

Television stations within 75 miles of the stations were prevented from televising home game for fear of reduction on gate revenue collection. Today, you can watch live coverage of events 24/7 around the globe. Thanks to the invention of amplifiers and repeaters.

Repeaters serve as receiver sets to tap and regenerate signals to the next step in the medium.  In free space repeaters transmit the signal over long distance.  This is the secret behind television fm radio and television station. Repeaters also improve on the quality of the single.

Amplifiers increase the voltage, current and power of the signal.  Amplifies are used in wireless communication and broadcasting.  Your radio set in the home, car, acts as receiver and amplifier to enable you tune in and listen to your favorite program on the move. Two types of amplifiers are in operation: Weak signal and Power amplifier.  Weak signal amplifiers strengthen weak signal in transmission.

Amplifiers and repeaters have similar functions to increase the strength of signals Repeaters also filters and amplifies unwanted noise.


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