Difference Between Amid Vs Amidst

amid vs amidst

English, the official language of communication in many countries in the world today is sprinkled with words borrowed from other languages and dialects in different regions of settlements.  This makes usage of such words as amid and amidst have variation in meaning yet share the same root.

If you come from British background of education you would use amid.  However, if your spelling and speech is influenced by American English, you’re inclined to use Amidst.  The meaning of these words is in connection with position of the object, person or situation – in the middle. Take a look at two examples.

  1. She moved with difficulty amid the surging crowd which at the rally.
  2. Caroline braved the cold weather and walked home amidst the rain peppering the roof.

Your usage of amid or amidst depend on your background, whether native British or American.   However, the meaning is the same.

  • Amid and amidst are two words meaning the same thing.
  • British English preference is amid. However, amidst is also used and acceptable by the British.
  • Americans prefer to use amidst and hardly use amid in speech or writing.
  • These two words are used as prepositions in both English and American preferred style of writing and speech.


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