Difference Between Alkaline Vs Acid Perm

alkaline perm vs acid perm

You see short, long straight, curly, wavy, hairstyles mostly on women.  The range of colors is varied, so are the hairstyles.  A lady can choose red, pink, blue, mixture of different hair colors to suit her taste.  You cannot stop a lady or anyone from having different color hairstyle of preference.  How do women get these strange hairstyles and colors done?

You would love a different hair color.  You deem pink would be great on you.  You also want to save up service charge.  Purchase alkaline or acid perm in the right proportions and do it yourself.

Alkaline is the most commonly used chemical used to turn natural hair into sophisticated tangle of curls and color.  Alkaline is made out of combination of lotion and ammonium. No heat is needed in the process.  Alkaline offers longer life curls.  Excessive repeated use of alkaline has side effects and can cause irreparable damage to your natural hair.

Acid perm is a combination of two substances, the main one is glyceryl.

Alkaline takes 20 minutes to set perms. Acid perm takes long but is friendlier and good for treatment of damaged hair.  Whatever style and color of hair you desire, alkaline or acid perm will give the result you need.


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