Difference Between Aesthetics Vs Esthetics

aesthetics vs esthetics

Michelangelo’s eighteen foot tall statue of David, standing stuck naked in the main Pizza of Florence Garden in Rome, is an imposing sight from whichever direction you approach the statue. This stature expresses the passion of Michelangelo’s attitude towards sculpture.  In the word of his biographer,

“He always visualized the human form within each block of stone, before taking up his chisel. He then proceeded with furious energy to ‘liberate’ the form from the stone.” This description conveys the underlying meaning of the word Aesthetics to evaluate objects in art, culture and nature. Aesthetics and Esthetics are used interchangeably and to appreciate artistic appearance of a person or object as the two appeal to your senses.

You know beauty when you see it.  You might not have the right words to describe it.  Nonetheless you the appeal is present.  The English word Aesthetics is derived from the Greek language to referring to sensory.

Esthetics is the American version of the same word with same meaning for beauty in the United Kingdom and most Commonwealth countries.

The two words although varied in spelling have similar meaning to describe beauty. Aesthetics is commonly used in the cosmetic industry in connection with women beautification.


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