Difference Between 7Up Vs Sprite

7up vs sprite

The soft drink company that came up with the slogan “Image is Everything,” couldn’t have chosen a better catchphrase to market the soft drink product. However, you would be hard pressed to choose between 7Up and Sprite on the basis of image. These two brands manufactured by the giants PepsiCo and Coca-Cola are colorless poured into clear glass. 7Up and Sprite also share the same taste unless you have sensitive buds. How do you differentiate these two drinks?

The difference in taste between these two soft drinks is in the ingredients used for manufacturing the products. If you’re keen, you will notice more lime flavor taste in Sprite than 7Up. Sprite also tastes sweeter than 7Up suggesting the presence of more sugar in the drink than the other. But sugary taste is not pronounced in comparison to other soft drinks as Coke.

7Up leaves slight bitter taste in the mouth. If you’re in a hurry Sprite would go down faster than 7Up.

Sprite and 7Up are made from the same ingredients carbonated water, natural flavors, citric acid, and sodium citrate except for the preservatives. Sodium benzoate is used to preserve Sprite while, 7Up is preserved by Potassium Citrate.


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