dictatorship vs autocracy

A country with no laws and no leader might end up in chaos or war. The rulings govern the administrative and constitutional laws that will guide the general welfare of the people and the country. The leader serves as the public’s representative to run and manage the state. What if the leader is overridden with much power?

A political system of administration can be executed through dictatorship, or autocracy, other than parliamentary, federal or republican. This portrays the military style and stricter manner of governing the country and its people. Both systems are ruled by a one man with an imposed brutality carried in his hands.

Dictatorship is a supreme and tyrannical power solely vested in the leader without any restrictions as to its control and cannot be revoked by a judiciary. All of the people under the authority of this political system are some puppets because the public has no voice to dictate the rule of law.

On the contrary, Autocracy is a system of administration in which power is vested in the leader, his decisions cannot be influenced by the public and there’s no such thing as rule of the land. However, his power is subject to exceptions if his directories made the public suffer severely and if there are threats of coup d’état and rebellion.


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