deer  vs  reindeer

Most of the people know Rudolf, who is the popular reindeer character in a Christmas song, having a red round nose. If one happens to say that Rudolf is a deer, isn’t the same with the term reindeer? Are these two words synonymous? What makes them different by just prefixing the letters “rein”?

  Deer Reindeer
Distribution Worldwide except Australia and Antarctica Restricted to arctic and subarctic regions Europe, North America and Asia
Size Small to large sized animals Medium to large
Antlers Many deer females species do not have antlers Reindeer subspecies both male and female have antlers

Herds of deer and reindeer are herbivorous mammals with antlers positioned their heads and hoofs on their feet. The main dissimilarities between these animals are based on the diversity, physical characteristics and geographical birthplace. Doe is the term called for a female deer or reindeer whereas buck is the term used to refer to a male deer or reindeer.

You may find deer in any continent except for Antarctica and Australia. There are many species associated with the deer, which may originate from the family, genera of Elaphodus, Dama, Rucervus, Axis, Muntiacus, Cervus and etc. The characteristics of a deer are their body structure has 10 to 250 kilograms in weight; they are ruminants or having a four-chambered stomach and high reproduction rate. A female deer normally has no antlers. A deer’s young is normally called a fawn. The means of their survival occurs when one deer, monitors the surroundings by detecting any predator that might hunt them down and the other herds of deer will look for food and shelter.

Reindeer have nine subspecies according to their geographical regions and fall under the family genus of Rangifer tarandus. In terms of the classification in accordance with the ecosystem, there are two major types: woodland reindeer (3rd subspecies) and tundra reindeer (6th subspecies).  These hoofed mammals live in Arctic regions of Asia, Europe and North America. The features of the reindeer are having 90 to 210 kilograms in weight, 2 meters in body length and their fur color depends on their subspecies. Normally, herds of reindeer from the North have lighter furs while from the South have darker furs. Both male and female reindeer have antlers and usually the largest among their race.


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