Difference Between Cream Cheese vs Neufchatel Cheese

cream cheese   vs   neufchatel cheese

They are sold side by side in the grocery store, they have the same packaging, and they have the same purpose – be a CHEESE! Cheese in any form is actually loved in different food, whether as a snack or in gourmet recipes. Although one can’t determine the difference in taste, the most noted dissimilarity is their nutritional value.

Cream Cheese is made from milk and cream, this is an American version of the French Neufchatel, while Neufchatel Cheese makes use of milk alone. The American-made Neufchatel uses pasteurized milk; however, the French original uses raw milk. They both come in 100g packaging.

The total calorie for Cream Cheese is 342, while Neufchatel Cheese only has 253. And cheese lovers will enjoy the same tangy taste cheese offers with lesser fat content of the Neufchatel cheese, having 23g, while cream cheese has 34g. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, and has their own content value. Examples: total carbohydrates for Cream Cheese – 4.1g, for Neufchatel – 3.6g; Protein – 6g versus 9g, respectively.

The preference, perhaps, lies in what you have always used. Some used Cream cheese because of the influence of their parents; others prefer Neufchatel because of heritage. But why not try the other cheese for a change.

Following are key Difference Between Cream Cheese vs Neufchatel Cheese

  Cream Cheese Neufchatel Cheese
Annotation Is a mild-tasting fresh cheese, soft, and with high fat content Made in French region of Normandy. Slightly crumbly, mould-ripened cheese and soft.
Calories 342 per 100 grams 253 per 100 grams
Vitamin A 1343 IU (26%) 841 IU (16%)
Saturated 19g (95%) 13g (65%)
Protein Less protein than Neufchatel it has only 2.1 g. Has more protein 2.8 g


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