context  vs  content

English language composes hundred of thousands of words and some of these words are often mistaken for one another to mean the same. Content and Context are examples of these words. These two words are often confused with their meaning or usage in writing or speaking. The most common differentiated ideas between these two words is that context is something that could refer to and content is the substance or words that you create or write.

  Context Content
Definition Reference to something Refers to information that make up a single production
Expressions Reference to a particular occasion in a play Topic written in an impeccable language bereft of grammar errors
Usage Used in the sense of something pertaining to an occasion or place Advertising done according to the relevance of the place or the occasion

The word context implies something that is written or spoken in which the explanation of the details is in a form of passages to clarify meanings. A context could be a short part of composition of words that can express the full meaning or idea of a written work. Context’s meaning could be just limited to the field of writing and arts.

The term content is part or component of words or ideas of a written document. It is actually the whole composition of words that are used in the writing of such documents. Context and Content are classified as nouns, but content could also be classified as an adjective.  Content’s meaning is not just limited in this aspect, it could also mean as feeling or satisfaction to a certain thing. Content could also mean as a composition of the substance contained in an object.


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