constraint vs restraint

 English vocabularies with almost identical definitions are difficult to comprehend or sometimes used in a sentence. The words constraint and restraint, both terms indicate limitations, restrictions, and the like. Both are first used around 15th century. Even if these words have their common thought, when it comes to their application, it depends on the substance and the form of the subject matter because not all words with their corresponding synonyms can be used interchangeably. Of course, terminologies should be used appropriately and technically.

Generally, the word constraint pertains to something or someone that is being restricted or limited. Take for instance, this term is often used that concerns with budget, time, cost, data and other economic, accounting or technological matters. It is usually expressed as a noun in a sentence.

In the case of restraint, this indicates self-control or self-limitation. It is the person himself who places restrictions as to his actions, movements or behavior. It is frequently used in legal and writing technical papers regarding law subjects, medical and chemical terms. Both terms entails the prevention of doing such act beyond the standard circumstances. This term is also being used as a noun in a sentence.


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