Cockroaches Vs Beetles

You could venture out by noting that cockroaches are large insects of 15-30 millimeters body length on average.  If you want to scare a kid who fears these insects you could talk about the nine centimeter largest type of cockroach found in Australia.  Cockroaches have flat bodies with a small head and no neck separating the two. Cockroaches feed on all kinds and types of foods available which explain their survival technique.

Pick up a cockroach and you’ve two large compound eyes staring at you with and two antennas sticking out of the head on both sides the eyes.  What are the antennas for?  No point asking the cockroach, you know the use of antennas on radios and television sets, the cockroaches use their antennas for a different purpose to sense danger from a distance.  Cockroaches have two pairs of wings mounted on the body the hard outer and soft inner wing for flight.  So what is the difference?

Beetles stay away in the wild which explains the beetles’ tough body with strong wings, thorax and head.  Beetles growth to maturity is through the four stages egg, larva, pupa to adulthood. Beetles are smaller in body compared to cockroaches.  Cockroaches survive the incomplete metamorphosis change of three stages in the normal insect lifecycle.


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