Difference Between Cider vinegar vs Apple cider vinegar

cider vinegar   vs   apple cider vinegar

When it comes to cider vinegars, the common household knowledge is the apple cider vinegar, maybe because of its availability in supermarkets as well as its usage in recipes. However, there are other cider vinegar recipes, aside from apple.

To differentiate cider vinegar from apple cider vinegar, let us first take a look at the distinguishing word – apple.Therefore, Apple Cider Vinegar is specially made from the apple fruit, while Cider Vinegar can be produced from other fruits.

They follow the same process of extracting the fruit juice and fermenting the juice by adding a particular bacteria (at times yeast) to it. This bacteria will then be responsible in “eating” the sugar in the juice (fructose), and turning it into alcohol. The alcohol will still be “eaten” until it becomes acetic acid. Acetic Acid is the vinegar form. The longer you let the fermentation to take place, the more acidic it becomes.

Cider Vinegar is continuously gaining popularity as nutritionist and chefs take into consideration other fruits in the process, and the nutritional benefits it contains. The other fruits made into ciders are raspberries, the common sugar cane, coconut, and others. It is commonly used as dressings for salads, less the sugar, salt and caloric intake.

Following are key Difference Between Cider vinegar vs Apple cider vinegar

Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar
Denote The same as apple cider vinegar, because cider vinegar is usually made from apples Same as cider vinegar
Processing The process of making cider vinegar is the same with apple cider vinegar The process of making apple cider vinegar is the same with cider vinegar
Acidity Very high Very high


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