Difference Between Chamilia vs Pandora Beads

chamilia vs pandora beads

Adding glamour, charm and sophistication, these beads are surely every ladies’ desire. With tons of accessories to choose from, and part of their collection, they pairwith their attirefor the day, and wanting to have more, most especially during special occasions.

How charming would it be to add Chamilia and Pandora Beads to the collection. They offer different colors and a variety of designs that are fitting for any occasion or just simply hanging out with friends. They are also added to sterling silvers to become fantastic bracelets.

Chamilia Beads cater to children and adults, and are most noted for their martini glasses and shell designs. They are also famous for being a distributor of with the theme Disney. They are lightweight, smaller, simpler and very much affordable.

A competitor, the Pandora Beads offers a more sophisticated design and onlya one-time design. This makes it more valuable and exquisite – and if you didn’t get the design when it’s out, then you will surely miss the chance to get it.

There is no denying that bead enthusiasts are willing to take the risk of acquiring these two of a kind beadwork. They look good on their own, and look good combined.

Following are key Difference Between Chamilia vs Pandora Beads

Chamilia Pandora-beads
What are their products Sell upscale sterling silver. Sell upscale sterling silver
Charms Chamilia have Disney Charms Pandora have different theme charms
Cost Cheaper Expensive
Beads Suits to young generation because of their glitzy and cute bead like Disney characters Choice of materials in a variety of styles it is traditional.
Materials Uses silver, gold, enamel or Murano glass for their beads Uses silver, gold, enamel or Murano glass for their beads
Time on Market New in the market Older in market
Designs Over 500 designs of beads and based on themes. Approximately 300 designs of beads and have sophisticated and feminine style.


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