Operating System and Application Software

Operating System is the most important program you will ever use in computers.  The Operating System work is to manage all peripheral devices and to control the Central Processing ... Continue Reading →


Isn’t fun to fly up in the air riding on a plane? You may be able to witness the beautiful scenery on its most top view. Aside from having a wonderful experience in a travel trip, ... Continue Reading →


  Tarmac Asphalt Bitumen According to British and English Refer to black viscous material derived from the destructive distillation of coal and is chemically distinct from ... Continue Reading →

Difference Between Amplifiers Vs Repeaters

Amplifiers and repeaters have made great contribution to modern communication equipment.  There was a time when ports fans – wished to tune in on television station outside the ... Continue Reading →
pumps vs platform

Difference Between Pumps vs Platforms

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”’ – says the very famous and iconic Marilyn Monroe. A shoe is a covering for the foot, typically made out of leather, ... Continue Reading →
pcr vs real time pcr

Difference Between PCR VS REAL TIME PCR

PCR means “polymerase chain reaction” that is based on the instinctive process of DNA replication, and is a tool that is used to amplify and simultaneously detect DNA’s and having ... Continue Reading →
speaker vs woofer

Difference Between Speaker vs Woofer

Music is a really big influence in our lives. It either makes us feel happy, sad, in love or just simply in the mood to jump start the day. Good thing there’s lots of way to enjoy ... Continue Reading →
colorimeter vs spectrophotometer

Difference Between Colorimeter vs Spectrophotometer

In chemistry nowadays or maybe even before, many tools are being used for the sake of accuracy in testing and developing. For example, Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer. It is a good ... Continue Reading →

Difference Between Mono vs Stereo

In the world of speakers, two names have the continuous battle, of whom should be used, why it is used, and the best. Come to think about it, there’s no right nor wrong, it is all ... Continue Reading →

Difference Between Citrix vs VPN

Checking your network, whether on your computer or smart phones, VPN serves the same function to produce smaller private networks from a bigger source. Switching to VPN ensures a similar ... Continue Reading →