32 bit vs 64 bit

Hardware bits: 32 or 64? In computers and other related gadgets, you might have heard the terms 32–bit and 64-bit. They are both hardware and software systems that differ in many ... Continue Reading →

Hardwood vs Softwood

Woods: Hard or Soft? From their names, you can already tell that these two terminologies cannot be interchanged in any circumstance. Hardwood is a wood material derived from angiosperm ... Continue Reading →

AM vs FM

Radio Terminologies: AM VS FM It is common to hear the terms AM and FM in the radio. AM and FM are both modes of broadcasting radio signals. These signals transmit electromagnetic ... Continue Reading →


DDR and DDR2: Know the Difference Double Data Rate Random Access Memory (DDR RAM) and DDR2 RAM are both types of Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM). Both have a chipset ... Continue Reading →

Lego vs Mega Bloks

Building Blocks in two Forms Lego and Mega Bloks are two famous brands of constructions set toys that are widely used and patronized not only by children but by people of all ages. ... Continue Reading →

Pantheon vs Parthenon

Two Facades of World History        Pantheon and Parthenon are both ancient structures known in world history as both have been significant witnesses in historic events. Pantheon ... Continue Reading →

Hub vs Switch

Comparison between Hub and Switch             Hub and Switch are both important network devices in the field of computers and other related devices.  A hub is a passive ... Continue Reading →

Router Vs Switch

A Check on Your Network Connection Router and Switch are devices both used in connecting to the internet. Router is a networking device that directs data in a network in the form of ... Continue Reading →

SRAM vs Shimano

Biking in two lanes: SRAM  vs  Shimano SRAM and Shimano have been two prominent names in the bicycle industry. SRAM is an American-based private company founded in 1987 that focuses ... Continue Reading →

Speakers Vs Woofers

  Speaker Woofer Analogy Whole sound duplication process Is a small part of the system Simple definition Electronic device that converts electrical signals to sound. Taken ... Continue Reading →