Cockroaches Vs Beetles

You could venture out by noting that cockroaches are large insects of 15-30 millimeters body length on average.  If you want to scare a kid who fears these insects you could talk about ... Continue Reading →

Ducks and Goose

You can describe ducks as two legged ground bird that converts weeds, snails, insects and mash into eggs and manure for your compost. The goose is almost a non-maintenance bird, a ... Continue Reading →


  Spider Tarantula Size Smaller than Tarantula A special type of spider, usually larger than many of the spiders Denote Not all spider are hairy-bodied Always hairy-bodied Spinnerets Have ... Continue Reading →

Difference Between Bats Vs Birds

Scientists speculate that bats are descendants of feathered dinosaurs that lived approximately 150 million years ago. There is no conclusive evidence or proof to support his proposition. “In ... Continue Reading →