Latex Paint vs Oil Based Paint

Paint me Latex or Paint me Oil Latex and Oil-based are two entirely different types of paints. Latex paint is also known as acrylic paint, and is a water-based type. It typically dries ... Continue Reading →

Scratch Proof vs Scratch Resistant

Check your Terminology: Scratch Proof VS. Scratch Resistant             Scratch Proof and Scratch Resistant are terms that have been used interchangeably especially in advertisements ... Continue Reading →

Hammer Drill Vs Rotary Hammer

Drill that Hole: Difference between Hammer Drill and Rotary Hammer Hammer Drill and Rotary Hammer are just two of the popularly used drilling tools. Each has its features and functions ... Continue Reading →

Agar vs Gelatin

Agar and Gelatin: What Jelly do you prefer? Agar and Gelatin are both used in the culinary industries particularly as main ingredients in desserts. Agar is a glutinous substance derived ... Continue Reading →

Keurig vs Tassimo

For coffee lovers: Keurig and Tassimo Keurig and Tassimo are known well-known manufactures of coffee pod machines otherwise known as single-cup coffee machines. Both use filtered ... Continue Reading →

Catholic vs Protestant

Christianity in the 2 religions Catholicism and Protestantism are two of the main denominations of Christianity. Both believe that Jesus founded Christianity and that there is only ... Continue Reading →

Difference Between PO Box and Locked Bag

Like PO Box addresses, Private Mail Bag addresses omit the name of the building and street, and include only the number allocated to the user. It differs from PO Box delivery in that ... Continue Reading →

Federal vs State Prison

Federal or State Prisons are not just correctional institutions; they are torture chambers. In a ten by ten feet cellblock, more than twenty prisoners are huddled together.  You’re ... Continue Reading →

Facetious Vs Sarcastic Vs Sardonic

English language is rich in describing people’s behavior, places and objects.  Adjectives add flavor to the description making the meaning stand out good and desirable or gross ... Continue Reading →


  Iyer Iyengar Where they originated from Tamil nadu ,India Chola kingdom of Tamil Nadu Sub-sects Vadama ,Brahacharnam, Ashtasahasram, Mukkani, Kaniyalar, Prathamasaki 2 ... Continue Reading →