Manicure vs Pedicure

Ladies love colorful and cute embellishments on their clothes, shoes, accessories, and even on their nails. Apart from the design, it implies creativity, individuality, originality, ... Continue Reading →

Kilt vs Skirt

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Nubuck Vs Suede

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Difference Between Pumps and Platform

The world of footwear is an interesting one. Though men wear shoes as much as women do, there are more styles and designs of footwear for women than men. Women are also more excited ... Continue Reading →


Fashion is an indication of attractiveness, style, comfort and good fit of the garments. Nowadays, people are aiming for the best fit of the apparels on their body to look fine. Men ... Continue Reading →

Pumps Vs Platform

“Your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Wear nice shoes,” Cathy Foley cautions.  Eye contact is important in communication.  When your eyes stay ... Continue Reading →


  Axe and hatchet are tools useful for cutting, splitting and chopping piles of the woods. These two tools have both cutting edges, but deals with different purposes. What are ... Continue Reading →

Difference Between Bath Sheets Vs Bath Towels

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Difference Between Wallet Vs Purse

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Difference Between Alkaline Vs Acid Perm

You see short, long straight, curly, wavy, hairstyles mostly on women.  The range of colors is varied, so are the hairstyles.  A lady can choose red, pink, blue, mixture of different ... Continue Reading →