Sucrose Vs Lactose

In defining sweets, it is not always the one that you consumed when eating food or drinking some beverages. There are relative compounds that make up a substance forming a sugar. It ... Continue Reading →

Seizure vs stroke

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Private Hospitals VS Public Hospitals

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Cluster Headache vs Migraine

Pain in the Head: Cluster or Migraine?   Cluster Headache and Migraine may both cause excruciating pain in the head and are sometimes interchanged. However, there is a big difference ... Continue Reading →


  Flaccid paralysis Spastic paralysis Denote Reduced muscle tone without other notable cause Involved in unusual tightness of the muscles Caused Trauma or diseases Various ... Continue Reading →

Difference Between Aphasia and Dysphasia

Speech is the main mode of human communication. When you suffer from Aphasia, the result is inability in speech making and writing. You’ve difficulty understanding words and sentence ... Continue Reading →