Jack Daniel’s vs Johnnie Walker

Which Whisky are You?   Both Jack Daniel’s and Johnnie Walker are famed and best-selling whiskies locally and internationally. Jack Daniel’s is an American brand from Tennessee ... Continue Reading →

Kosher Salt vs Sea Salt

Which is the Saltier Option? Salt have been used in a wide variety of dishes. However, specific kinds of salts are not widely known and most buyers are contented with what is available ... Continue Reading →


There are two traditional flat breads in India – Naan and Roti. These breads are significant part of their meal and Indian diet as well. This article will elaborate the similarities ... Continue Reading →

Espresso vs Expresso

When a racing car goes out on the track, a great number of estimates have to be made. How long the fuel will last?  If you pull the car in for refueling too quickly, you will lose ... Continue Reading →


If you ever had tried eating pizza, burgers or sandwiches, you may notice different meats used to savor the taste and flavor of a dish. Some of the popular meaty sausages are pepperoni ... Continue Reading →

Juicers Vs Juice Extractors

In these days of instant everything, you can choose from a variety of juicers and juice extractors. Juicers and juice extractors come in different sizes, shapes and the cost varies ... Continue Reading →

Juice Extractor vs a Juicer: Helping You Decide

With all the devices and labels available in today?s juice machine market, it can be difficult to determine what product to buy. Which machine will work best in your life depends on ... Continue Reading →


  Veal Beef Derive from 6-7 month old calves One year  cow or bovine Cholesterol content More Less Texture More tender Less tender Hue Lighter- pink or yellow Darker- ... Continue Reading →

Heavy Cream (Heavy Whipping Cream) Vs Thickened Cream

Cream, a byproduct of fresh milk is rich in content compared to the rest of the milk. You can separate cream from milk and use it for softening and giving flavor to vegetable soup.  ... Continue Reading →


  Brut Champagne Origin Derive from French ‘brut’ meaning raw,crude French meaning open country—incidentally wines produced in this region bear the name. Year conceived Started ... Continue Reading →