Accounting standard’s boards, councils and interpreters promulgate laws and principles governing the practitioners to have worldwide uniformity, consistency and transparency of standards ... Continue Reading →

Laws Vs Policy

Human beings have natural laws governing the universe in place.  However, there are also human made laws in force to safeguard individual rights in society.  Your life revolves around ... Continue Reading →

Kinetics Vs Kinematics

Nothing stands still.  The earth’s movement on its orbit causes changes of days, seasons and climate.  These motions are described by the two words Kinetics and Kinematics. Kinetics ... Continue Reading →

Journal Vs Diary

Imagine for a moment you’re a magazine editor in charge of ensuring stories submitted meet editorial standard of the magazine company.  There would be no secrets kept from you.  ... Continue Reading →

Digital Vs Analogue Meters

Electronic equipment increase in complexity, so does trouble of repair. Meters you have always used can fail.  Service manuals and schematic diagrams provided by the manufacturer of ... Continue Reading →

Difference Between Steps and Stairs

Steps and Stairs are two words that are often confused due to the similarity in their meanings when actually, there is some difference between the two words. The word steps is used ... Continue Reading →


There are two niches that embody the conditions and homeostasis necessary for the survival of various species and the roles of these creatures in an ecological system. To name these ... Continue Reading →


The colonization and invasion of the territory of various countries made a world history. The military used their vested powers and authority to override other countries and to have ... Continue Reading →


There are several terms that may be used in referring to the height of a particular place. People usually used the words altitude and elevation interchangeably or synonymously. These ... Continue Reading →


Spectroscopy and spectrometry are some of the topics brought about by science in the field of astronomy, physics and chemistry studies. One of which states a theory while the other ... Continue Reading →