The doll industry is a thriving business empire.  No matter what kind of doll is in the market, there is a kid for it.  Babushka and Matryoshka are two types of popular dolls doing rounds in today’s market.

Kids love dolls. Girls are gentle and are prone to attach feelings to the dolls treating them as real people in life. Boys are aggressive in dealing with dolls.  A boy would mutilate a doll and feel no qualm about it. You cannot blame kids for spending time with innate object as dolls, talking to them, pampering and sometimes punishing them.  What better way would kids spend free time and learn to act out adults parts than with dolls.

If you’re in Russia, you can purchase a nestling doll for your kid.  Nestling dolls come in two halves which can be pulled apart and put together again. Matryoshka doll represent a young Russian woman dressed in traditional regalia with a head scarf.  The name Matryoshka is derived from the Latin word “mater,” for mother.

Dolls have evolved incorporating religious themes as well as celebrity figure image representation. Matryoshka in reference to “little mother,” symbolizes value of the family unit in society in which mothers give birth to girls in generation continuation cycle.  Babushka and Matryoshka are the same kind of dolls with different names for variation.


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