axe vs hatchet


Axe and hatchet are tools useful for cutting, splitting and chopping piles of the woods. These two tools have both cutting edges, but deals with different purposes. What are the differences between an axe and a hatchet?

The axe is a primitive device utilized during the Iron Age. Formerly, the sharp stones are used for the wedge of an axe but now, steels and irons are being used for its blade. Historically speaking, the hand of an axe is made up of wood, but in today’s version aside from wood, fiberglass and plastics are also used for the axe handles. It is chiefly utilized for cutting woods or trunks of trees.  In contrast, the hatchet is merely used for cutting shrubs, branches or young trees since it is smaller than an axe. It may also be utilized for cutting large meats of animals.

Furthermore, an axe employs the use of both hands while in a hatchet a single hand may perform the chopping function. In terms of its blade, the hatchet has a wider wedge (resembles like a funnel) than the blade of an axe (looks like a letter V). Also, the density of a hatchet is much lighter in weight than an axe.

  Axe Hatchet
Handle short handle Shorter handle than axe
Usage Used to chop and cut woods, need effort through both hands Used with a single hand and is meant for lesser jobs such as cutting through shrubs and young trees
Blade slimmer Wider


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